Charges: I'm based in the UK

If the brand is also based in the UK...

All products shipped to you from within the UK already include VAT, and there will be no further taxes or import duties applied, regardless of your order value.

You can make use of our "Ships From" filter so you can shop from brands based within the UK. Alternatively, the product page will state where the item is shipped from. 

If the brand is based outside the UK...

Products shipped to you from outside the UK where the price excluding VAT is under £135 will have no further taxes or import duties applied. 
For example, a pair of shoes at £150 have a tax exclusive price of £125, so would have no additional import duties applied. 
Products shipped from outside the UK where the price excluding VAT is over £135 may be liable to import duties on delivery of the item. 
Note: this also depends on where the item is made, not just where it ships from – for example, items made in the EU will not be liable for additional charges into the UK. 
If you're unsure, please email us at
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