Corn Leather: Sustainable Fashion's New Go-To Material

This resistant, high-quality material is, like many other plant leathers, made from waste. 

As it is crafted from non-food grade corn, the production of this leather does not divert resources from the food chain. The non-edible parts of corn can also be used to produce leather, making this a creative way to salvage and re-use waste.

We're used to thinking of synthetics when we hear the word “polyurethane” (PU). But not all PU is made equal. Italian company Fiscatech is responsible for the material e-ULTRA – a polyurethane made from corn.

This textile has a bio-content of 69% and doesn't involve the use of harsh solvents. It is also fully recyclable.

Is corn leather the perfect solution? Perfection doesn't exist and this material is no exception: it still contains a percentage of plastic. But so does animal leather, which is often coated in it. And compared to both animal skins and traditionally made PVC and PU, corn leather is a gigantic step forward towards a future of clean fashion.

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